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Delnorth products provide continuous safety and reduced
maintenance cost, thus delivering an unrivalled whole of
life product performance.
We are proud to be Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor
of road edge guideposts, highway delineators, asset marker posts,
impact recovering sign structures, flexible bollards and frangible sign
support systems.
Our 8,000m2 company headquarters in the Hunter Valley, NSW occupies
a 1.7ha site, with additional distribution centres in Queensland and Western
Australia. Our manufacturing plant and equipment include fully automated
polymer injection moulders, HDPE blow moulding and PVC extrusion,
a CNC router, powder coating, rollformers, robotic welding, brake
presses, digital printing and automated labelling.
Our product safety is the highest possible and intrinsic to the design and
materials used. Premium range Delnorth products include Steel-Flex®
guideposts, Hylyte™ delineators, Lane-Flex® flexible bollards, Poly-Flex™
impact recovery sign posts and Signfix® frangible sign support systems.
Delnorth products are proven to reduce maintenance and
replacement cost, promote safe and efficient installation
and provide continuous safety for road users.

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