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SAGE Group

SAGE is a global group with a team of more than 700 people across two continents and 18 offices. While we are spread across the globe, our people share a collective commitment to making our world smarter, safer and more sustainable.

As a performance-driven extension of our client’s teams, we enable them to innovate, modernise, digitise and improve how they do things by solving complex problems and creating previously unimaginable opportunities. The variety and complexity of our work is difficult to describe simply, but the value we provide for our customer’s operations – from efficiency, safety, cost-savings, quality and performance – is immense.

Individually, our companies have their own area of specialisation, from capacity building, strategy, and design to cutting-edge technological and digital solutions. Together, we drive enormous progress for our clients, combining the best thinking with the Internet of Things to reduce error, improve efficiency and increase safety.

We invite you to explore our industry sectors to see how our work is changing businesses, changing lives and creating a smarter future, better world.

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