Tips and Tricks for Great Presentations

Presentation Tips

Presenting complex information clearly is a challenging task for any presenter – the ability to do so, however, is what distinguishes a good presentation from a great one. When writing and practicing your presentation, try to keep the following points in mind.

What do I want my audience to remember?
Often audiences will retain just one or two key points from a presentation. If you can establish early and simply what it is you want your audience to remember, and relate back to these points throughout the presentation, you’ll be well on the way to making a lasting impact.

Is my presentation clearly structured?
Studies have shown that audiences retain structured presentations 40 per cent easier than unstructured presentations. Here is a useful blueprint to keep in mind when developing your presentation:

  1. What? Present facts (background, problem, audience’s role)
  2. So what? Present opinions and perspectives (implications, conclusions, critical questions)
  3. Now what? Present go-forward actions (learnings, recommendations, future applications).

The structure above has a clear beginning, middle and end, and at no stage is the audience left in doubt as to what the presentation is about.

Why is the information I’m presenting critical at this time?
Timeliness is an important part of drawing and maintaining people’s attention. By relating your content to something that is happening right now, you can spark the interest of the audience and hold it more effectively.

How does my presentation align with the theme of the forum?
All EIT Forum presentations should align in some way with the forum’s theme “Connecting minds, delivering value”. Wherever possible, presenters should look to relate their content back to this theme.

Am I using images effectively?
Where you have a text-heavy slide, ask if there is an image that could replace some, or all the text.

Often it can be far more engaging to present a salient image and ‘talk to it’ rather than load the audience with a lot of text to read.

The adrenalin that comes before a presentation may help you perform better, but it can also cause uncomfortable nerves. Try counteracting this with the following:

  • Pause, smile and make eye contact before you speak. This gives you time to adjust and will help you feel in more control.
  • Speak slower than you would in conversation and leave longer pauses between sentences. The slower pace will calm you down.
  • Drink water. Have a glass of water handy and take sips occasionally.
  • Move around during your presentation. This will help expend some of the nervous energy.
  • Practice. There’s no substitute—rehearsing will make you more familiar and ultimately more comfortable with your presentation.

PowerPoint Presentations

A PowerPoint template has been developed for all presentations at the forum.

Please ensure that your presentation is tailored to be delivered effectively within your specified time period. The allocated time for your presentation will be strictly enforced to ensure the program is kept to schedule.

The template
The EIT Forum template comes preloaded with fonts, colours and guide boxes. Please stick to using these preloaded characteristics, including the correct typeface (Arial), font sizes and bullet points.

Avoid overloading slides
Text-heavy slides are not engaging for the audience and should be avoided — look to use images as visual aids, accompanied by minimal text. The content on the slide should not be a copy of what you are saying to the audience, but rather an addition or complement to your words.

If a slide is too text heavy, consider breaking it up over two or more slides.

Type ‘(cont.)’ in 20pt after the heading on the second slide to indicate a continuation.

Spell out acronyms
All acronyms should be spelled out in full the first time, followed by the acronym in parentheses. For all subsequent occurrences, the acronym can be used.


Interviews, or ‘fireside chats’, are a great way to dig deeper and get the audience engaged with your topic in a more relaxed setting.

Who is going to interview you?
We will work with you to determine an appropriate interviewer—preferably someone you feel comfortable talking to, who knows the subject matter well, and is adept at keeping a conversation moving.

How will you open the interview?
You may choose to jump right into talking, or you may choose to introduce the subject with a short video or presentation designed to prompt discussion.

What topics will be covered?
While flexibility is key to the interview format, it is important to start with a basic outline of the ground you want to cover–or a list of questions. You may choose to deviate from this on the day, but you will always have these questions to fall back on.

There is no substitute for practice. Spontaneity is good in the interview setting, however, it’s a good idea to rehearse your opening/introductions, your first couple of questions, and the close of the interview.

Further information
If you have any questions relating to your presentation at the 2021 Engineering, Innovation, and Technology Forum please feel free to contact MCI Australia.

Panel Sessions

Panel sessions are great for tackling a shared problem from a variety of perspectives, providing the audience with a more rounded view of your subject.

What is the objective of the session?
Establish a clear objective for your session and state it at the outset. You might focus on possible solutions to a problem, or the impacts of a new method or technology. Whatever your purpose, state it clearly, simply and early.

Who will be a part of your panel?
A good panel should include a variety of perspectives on the same issue–there is no point in having people who sees things the same way. Consider who you can invite to get the most diverse mix of opinions possible. Three or four people is best.

Who will moderate the session?
We will work with you to decide on an appropriate moderator for your session. This person will be key to the success of the panel—they’ll need to ask probing questions, keep contributors on task, and ensure they don’t run over time.

Will you provide questions beforehand?
Consider whether you will provide questions to panelists beforehand. It’s important to maintain some element of spontaneity, however, if a question requires a particularly deep or considered response, it may be best to provide it ahead of time.

Further information
If you have any questions relating to your presentation at the 2021 Engineering, Innovation, and Technology Forum please feel free to contact MCI Australia.

Mirco Connect

Micro Connect provides data communications equipment for the traffic signals industry. Australian based on premise electronics manufacturing facility and highly skilled design engineers. A dedicated software team for our custom designed Roads Connect platform. Bluetooth travel time and vehicle priority systems.

Li-Tech Solutions

Wom-Batt offers a smart, long-lasting, theft-proof solar charged power storage solution for all off-grid utilities. Underground power pods that use LiFePO4 technology to sustainably deliver high performance with zero running costs.

Wom-Batt currently powers many TMR roadside systems, with applications including solar streetlights, flood monitoring systems, road signage and more.


We are a global professional services company that leads through engineering, constructionand architectural expertise. Our forward-looking and innovative approaches connect and sustain communities around the world. Delivering extraordinary social and economic outcomes, we are focused on building lasting relationships with our partners and clients


Aerometrex is a geospatial tech company with expertise across high-resolution spatial data, derived products, and analytics, from 3D models, LiDAR and 2D imagery. The company’s data solutions have supported some of the country’s most critical infrastructure projects, and its MetroMap platform offers data as a subscription and off-the-shelf.


Ingal Civil Products is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of highway safety barriers. We pride ourselves on having made a significant contribution to the safety on our roads. Our product range includes MASH compliant road safety barriers, carpark & industrial barriers, workzone & traffic control products, delineation and fencing products.


RETEX is a market leader of specialised road and pavement maintenance systems, specifically developed to enhance road safety and extend pavement service life.

RETEX offers:

❖ Skid Resistance Water Blasting -UHP Water Cutting to sealed surfaces

❖ Laser Texture Depth Assessment

❖ Line Removal & Pavement Cleaning

Environmentally friendly, RETEX can fully capture all waste products and remove them using certified waste management procedures.


PPG is an extremely diverse company with a global portfolio of businesses and product lines; more than 150 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates; operations in more than 70 countries around the globe; and nearly 47,000 employees of wide-ranging nationalities, cultures, religions, ethnic, professional and educational backgrounds


Schréder is a global leading independent outdoor lighting solution provider. Schréder Australia comprises of Sylvania Schréder, Austube Schréder, and SCS -local providers of outdoors and customised indoor lighting solutions. We believe that lighting can empower people, impact lives, support communities, and transform spaces, cities, and the planet. Sylvania Schréder's lighting products adhere to the highest production standards, setting the benchmark for road, infrastructure and sport lighting in Australia. SCS is a trusted Smart cities solution systems provider that delivers reliable, scalable, and sustainable solutions to make cities smarter.


Insitutek was founded to transform geotechnics, earthworks and pavement construction. We are doing this through insitu testing methods and soil stabilisation. We help you get clear insight on what’s going on below the surface so you can make better informed timely decisions using our “best of breed” insitu testing methods. We deliver long lasting sustainable soil stabilisation solutions for soil improvement.

Ennis Flint

Ennis-Flint is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of pavement marking materials. We believe saving lives is a serious business; our commitment to this endeavour is reflected in the quality and performance of our products, people, and processes.


There’s more to BRAUMS than ever before. BRAUMS continues to deliver the world’s best Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and connected traffic management products. BRAUMS now delivers pedestrian, roadway, and urban lighting solutions, above ground radar detection and enhanced traffic management, along with Smart City solutions and parking management systems.


Damar is a market leading manufacturer of quality roadmarking technologies including paint, coloured surfacing, cold applied plastic and our world first UV Curing roadmarkingsystems. Innovation is at the heart of our business. Please visit our website to learn more about product range.


12d Model is powerful civil engineering, surveying and terrain modelling software for use on a wide variety of projects including mapping; site layouts; road, rail and highway design; residential and land developments; and drainage/sewer design.

12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration package which has been used to great acclaim on projects such as NorthConnex and TSRC.

Global Synthetics Pty Ltd

Global Synthetics is an Australian owned and operated company, and a leading distributor and manufacturer of a wide range of geosynthetic products to service the civil engineering, construction, landscape and building industries in the Australasia and Pacific Regions.

“Our qualified engineers and experienced staff are committed to deliver the highest level of quality services and complimentary engineering support to provide cost effective solutions for all your geosynthetic requirements”

Downer EDI Works Pty Limited

At Downer, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Purpose is to create and sustain the modern environment by building trusted relationships with our customers.

Our Promise is to work closely with our customers to help them succeed, using world-leading insights and solutions. With a history dating back over 150 years, Downer designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities and we are the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand.

At Downer, we are committed to providing high-quality services to our Federal, State, Local Government and commercial clients, delivering construction and maintenance of flexible and rigid. Downer has a proven history of successfully delivering these services under managing contractor, design and construct, ECI head contract and construct only commercial models.

Downer also provides expert project management services, engineering advice in soil and pavement stabilisation, capital infrastructure upgrades, pavement recycling, and outsourced facilities management of road networks and associated assets.


netBI is a leading SaaS cloud data platform and BI solution, specialising in the development of advanced AI and ML algorithms to deliver deeper data insights.

netBI is the most trusted data platform and business intelligence tool for organisations that manage transport, public transit, and road networks. We can help any business leverage complex datasets and simplify their data stack with one, web-based solution.

Combine, clean, analyse, and easily explore your historical and streaming data drawn from any source or system. Finally, you’ll have accurate, timely, and contextualised insights for better reporting and planning, and smarter operational decision-making.


SAGE Group is a global company with an extensive national footprint and 500+ people. As an integrated industrial digitalisation services provider, SAGE has built a suite of solutions designed to support clients to accelerate their digital journey, with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability.

SAGE delivers technologies that are creating accessible, integrated and cutting-edge transport and smart cities solutions; from end-to-end transport projects, data capture and analysis, congestion management and complete asset operations and maintenance. Their work helps improve end user’s road experience, reduce life cycle costs, lessen environmental impact, and prepare our transport systems for the future. And whether you need to upskill your internal capability or access additional talent, SAGE can help to give your organisation the momentum to succeed.

SAGE recently acquired AddInsight, the traffic intelligence software already deployed in all Australian and some New Zealand road authorities, to monitor traffic congestion. SAGE will continue to deliver against existing AddInsight commitments with a focus on service, technical excellence, and the added benefit of their SAGE Edge hardware and software integrations. SAGE’s global coverage, local delivery philosophy means their best people are already on the ground in every state and territory in Australia.

connected light solutions

A proud division of the Beacon Lighting Group, Connected Light Solutions are a leading provider of smart city and building solutions, including LED lighting and smart control systems. Working with leading brands from around the globe, we utilise the latest technology to develop market leading products for our local customers with internationally proven reliability.


Puma Bitumen is one of the largest global suppliers and modifiers of high quality bituminous road binders that meet and, in many cases, exceed all Australian specification requirements. Our passion for innovation ensures we stay at the forefront of industry developments. We have the most complete footprint in Australia with supply points in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and Melbourne, supported by our fleet of bulk bitumen vessels, the largest in the wold. Combined, our assets, expertise and global footprint ensure we are the strongest end-to-end supplier into the Australian industry.

HDR PTY limited

HDR provides valuable connections through innovative and forward-thinking solutions. For more than a century, we have partnered with clients and industry to shape communities and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our experience spans nearly 10,000 employees, in more than 200 locations around the world—and counting. Across Australia, our 200 strong team provide engineering and architecture services which harnesses our global capability under our broad-based employee ownership model. In Queensland, we offer a comprehensive range of transport planning and design services with direct experience across all stages of the project and asset life cycle. We’re proud to work with TMR, local government agencies, contractors and consultant partners to deliver for our community.

australian road research board (arrb)

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is the National Transport Research Organisation.

We are the source of independent expert transport knowledge, advising key decision makers on our nation's most important challenges. We have earned a reputation for scientific integrity and are the leading providers of value-added applied research and technical services.

ARRB’s mission is firmly focused on creating knowledge for tomorrow's transport challenges and solutions for today.

We work with road agencies, all levels of government, academia, and companies in the private sector.

When you work alongside ARRB, you get experience, expertise, and a trusted advisor. And that equals peace of mind, allowing you to focus on results. Regardless of scale or the level of technical complexity, ARRB delivers specialist expert advice, responsiveness and support you can rely on –each and every time

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